While Drug Addiction Treatment is rather expensive, in the long run it pays for itself. Addiction takes a toll on the addict themselves, but it also takes a toll on society as a whole through increased crime, healthcare costs, jail time, broken relationships, accidents caused by drugs, & loss of productivity in the workplace. The cost of addiction treatment is significantly less than any of the alternatives and also provides an opportunity for repaired relationships and a more successful and productive life for the addict.

Although addiction treatment may seem like a lot of money with no guarantee of success, addiction treatment can offer someone a chance at a life outside of addiction and all of the problems that it brings. Ultimately, addiction treatment is there to help save lives as many who do not seek treatment end up either incarcerated or dead. Therefore, the question is, are you willing to gamble your life or the life of a loved one based on the cost of treatment?

For those who struggle with the thought of how much addiction treatment costs, it may be wise to evaluate how much money is being spent on the cost of treating health problems that come from the addiction, legal hassles, and how much of your money is being spent on the drugs themselves. Add it all up & what you have could pay for the cost of a treatment program that will save more money in the long run.

The decision to seek treatment for addiction should never be based on cost as there are many options that are available to help cover the cost of a treatment program. For more information regarding the cost of addiction treatment and methods of payment, please call and speak with our admissions counselor. They may also be able to direct you to other alternative methods of payment as many people do not realize all the options that may be readily available to them. Everyone deserves the chance to live a clean and sober life. The chance is there if you are willing to claim it. Call us today.