If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, you probably already understand that addiction rehab is what you or your loved one needs to recover from this serious disease. There are two main types of rehab facilities available to addicts.

Outpatient treatment programs

First, there are outpatient treatment programs. These programs take place at designated rehabilitation facilities, but patients come and go. They stay at their own homes and eat there as well, but they may be required to go into the rehab facilities three times a day for three days each week. They may also be subject to random drug testing. Most outpatient rehab programs require that patients attend group therapy meetings and individualized counseling sessions as well.

Inpatient treatment programs

On the other hand, inpatient treatment programs requires that patients spend all of their time on the rehab program campus. At these facilities, patients spend their days and nights at the program center, and they usually get three meals per day served to them. This type of treatment is similar to outpatient treatment where therapy and counseling are concerned. Patients are required to attend both group and individualized counseling sessions in order to see how and when they became addicted to their substance of abuse.

The difference here is that because they spend all of their time on campus, there are no negative influences around them. This truly helps individuals to recover faster from their addictions. There is a zero tolerance rule about drugs and alcohol on campus, so there are also no temptations or cravings.

Choosing the rehab facility that’s right for you

Outpatient treatment programs can be beneficial for some individuals. For example, even if patients want to go to inpatient treatment programs, it may be difficult for them to find time off of work or away from school. But the truth is that inpatient rehab is truly the best way to kick your life-threatening drug or alcohol habit.

Inpatient rehab is the only place where you will be completely away from your normal everyday life. For many people, home lives can be the source of addiction problems. But at an inpatient rehab facility, they will be able to focus fully on their recovery. They won’t have to worry about the stresses and little anxieties that can be troubling for many people and lead to addiction problems.

Take the next step toward recovery

Deciding to go to inpatient rehab for your addiction problem is a good choice, but it is one that you will have to make. If you’re having trouble making this decision and admitting that you have a problem, try making a list of all of the things you can look forward to after your rehab program is finished. Think about how you will feel and what you will be able to accomplish.

The road to recovery will be very difficult, but it has been travelled successfully by many others before you. Focus on the great outcomes you are seeking, and find an inpatient addiction program for yourself today.